Land Recognition Speaker – Jody Harbour



Jody Harbour is an Urban Indigenous Woman and Entrepreneur living in Oakville for more than 30 years. Her Great Grandmother was of the Cayuga Nation, and was enfranchised from the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.  

Her love for her culture and for sisterhood has guided her over the years to volunteer and provide support in community: Wellspring, The Halton Women’s Centre, SAVIS and her children’s schools to name a few. 

Jody has a passion for connecting people and creating the change that is needed for the future of our coming faces. While continuing to foster relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people is very important, building community and safe spaces and organizations for our Urban Indigenous youth and Families is a priority. 


Along with 3 other Indigenous Grandmothers and Women, Jody co-founded Grandmothers Voice; a grassroots organization that began based on the foundation of the Grandmothers’ words and the prophecies that have been shared in ceremony and community.


The Grandmothers say great change is coming and for those who have been sleeping, it’s time to Awaken the Medicines Within. We need to become more conscious as a collective of our surroundings, each other and how we move forward in harmony. These are some qualities of the Grandmothers Voice vision. All are welcome to get involved.


Connect, Protect, Educate, Grow; Together      


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Jody Harbour & Grandmother Renee