The "un" Dinner Party 2023

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Celebrating Milestones

This year is a special one for us. It marks the 40th year of WHAM, and the 20th Anniversary of The Dinner Party. 

We are thrilled and honoured to welcome renowned journalist and social activist Lisa LaFlamme as our keynote speaker. (See below)

We are so thankful for the many volunteers who have come together over the years to not only celebrate International Women’s Day, but also to be part of our other engagements on many social issues. There has been progress over the past 40 years, but unfortunately, much has stayed the same regarding women’s rights and equality. WHAM continues to advocate for equality in our communities and around the world. 

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Our Program

Image of Speaker Sally Armstrong
Sally Armstrong

Sally Armstrong brings greetings on The Dinner Party’s 20th anniversary and WHAM’s 40th anniversary. CLICK HERE

Human rights activist, journalist and award-winning author Sally Armstrong has covered stories about women and girls in zones of conflict all over the world. She’s a four-time winner of  the Amnesty International Canada Media Award in 2000, 2002, 2011 and again in 2017. She was named the Massey Lecturer for 2019. She is the recipient of twelve honorary doctorate degrees and is an Officer of the Order of Canada. See her full bio here. 

Dr. Lauryn Oates

Dr. Lauryn Oates provides an update on Canadian Women For Women in Afghanistan. CLICK HERE

Executive Director of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, Lauryn has worked with a variety of development organizations, multilateral agencies and governments designing, planning, evaluating or implementing programming in education and in gender equality, particularly in war-affected countries. See her full bio here.


Lisa LaFlamme

Lisa LaFlamme has been at the forefront of journalism for over 30 years tackling some of the biggest issues of our time, traveling the globe, delivering breaking news and bringing it back home to Canadians. See Lisa’s bio here

She joins us in this exclusive discussion with WHAM’s Karyn Byrne to discuss gender equality, and stories of first-hand knowledge and experience in Afghanistan and around the world. 

View The Keynote

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SAVIS Update

Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services

Silvia Samsa

GASP Update

Grand(M)others Act
to Save the Planet
Carole Holmes & Lorraine Green

Musical Interludes

Sarah Soroor

Sara Soroor was born in Toronto to Hangama, an iconic Afghan musician whose family fled Afghanistan following the 1979 Soviet invasion.

In 2021, Sara watched in horror what was happening in Afghanistan. Her response was to sit down at her piano and compose the following song.

Lily Frost

Changes in The Air is a song of hope and new beginnings by Gemini Award Nominated singer/songwriter Lily Frost featuring the voices of Rob Joy (who helped write the song with Hey Crush Songs songwriting team) and Carleigh Aikins.

Remembering Tessa House

Tonight we honor Tessa House who passed away on March 1st. at the age of 81.
Tessa was a long term passionate member of WHAM and the IWD committee. She campaigned long and hard on many fronts to put an end to violence against women and children. Tessa was a dedicated, caring sister who left a fine feminist legacy. 
We shall long remember and cherish our friend who left on the wings of gratitude for the joys of her life well lived. 

IWD Hall Of Honour

For each donation, we invited our donors to name a woman to the IWD Hall of Honour. See the extraordinary women included.

Amanda Gorman - "We Rise"

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Amanda Gorman is an American poet, author, and activist. In January 2021, Gorman captured the world’s attention with her powerful recitation of her original poem, at the Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Her poem “We Rise” addresses themes of unity, resilience, and hope from one of the most prominent, contemporary, young poets.In addition to her poetry and activism, Gorman is also known for her advocacy for young people and marginalized communities, and she has used her platform to raise awareness about issues such as racial justice, climate change, and education reform.

Thank you!

On behalf of this year’s Dinner Party Committee, we thank you for your support. To the incredible Lisa LaFlamme, thank you for sharing your unique insights and your continued advocacy for women and girls. To our sponsors, advertisers, and all those who continue to attend our event year after year, you are helping make a difference. 

2023 Committee:

Barbara Wood (chair) Callie Archer, Karyn Byrne, Daniela Jansson, Bev LeFrancois, Linda Middaugh, Shelagh Nuttall, Judy Rivard, Beth Robertson, Tessy Sagan, Mary Taylor

We appreciate your donation to this event. All funds go to our charities and you will receive a tax receipt for 100% of your donation.