SAVIS stands for Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services of Halton, and is an organization that offers free and confidential services to survivors. The services we offer can be short or long term in nature, and are open to individuals over the age of 12. Our services are available to individuals regardless of their gender identity – meaning we welcome female-identified, male-identified, transgender, and gender non-binary individuals. SAVIS also operates from a feminist, anti-oppressive framework, we do not discriminate when it comes to race, colour, disability, age or national origin.

We serve the Halton region, however we are happy to provide you with the information for similar service providers operating out of different regions.

Services offered

24/7 Support services

SAVIS provides support to survivors 24/7 by offering a crisis phone line, and a crisis web-chat tool. If you need to talk, simply dial the phone number or click on the ‘start chat’ button on our website. Our 24/7 support services are free, confidential and offer non-judgmental assistance to survivors of sexual assault and violence.

Counselling services

SAVIS provides free and confidential one-on-one counselling services from a feminist perspective. We aim to make our counselling services as accessible as possible, and as a result counselling can be accessed in person (complying with government mask and social distance regulations), online, and over the phone. This includes crisis counselling, accompaniments / support person services, and group counselling as well. In addition to one-on-one counselling, SAVIS also offers group counselling related to a variety of topics such as supporting your loved one, self-care, and body image issues.

Public education

SAVIS offers different public education workshops to schools, community members, and agencies in Halton. There is no cost associated with our public education services either – everything is completely free, which is representative of SAVIS’s commitment to education.  Workshops are available through online platforms as well as in person presentations!

Anti-human trafficking supports Services

This initiative is dedicated to supporting survivors of Human Trafficking through a variety of client-centered methods and models of support.

Volunteer program

Dedicated volunteers are essential to many of the programs that SAVIS operates. Volunteer opportunities include crisis and support line, outreach through information booths at schools and community events, support for fundraising events, bingo and administration.

What we have accomplished

While there has been much change during the two years of the Pandemic, the power of community and solidarity remain the most significant force for change. Home and the streets remain places where safety is not guaranteed. Survivors continue to access our 24/7 crisis line staffed by component and trained volunteers. Counselling staff prove individual counselling services to over 872 women, trans and LGBTQ+ folks who live in Halton region. Our Anti-Human Trafficking program, now in it fifth year, provides intensive and comprehensive services to women and their families this year we supported 64 survivors of Human Trafficking. We are committed to working towards a world where all survivors are safe every day, everywhere.

Every year, the urgency to end sexual violence and to stop the propagation of learned practices of oppression persists. We can educate one another, listen, learn, believe, support survivors and make Halton a safer place for all. As with every year over the past three plus decades, SAVIS, will continue to advocate, protest, protect and provide support for the anti-sexual violence movement. There is still much work to do. But we look to the future with a shared vision and fire to support the important work of SAVIS.

COVID-19 –Recovery Phase

SAVIS has re-opened their doors, and providing in-person counselling to our survivors. Our schools and community agency have welcomed us back to in-person learning.

We would like to thank our staff, volunteers, donors and our survivors, for their patience, adaptability and support through the pandemic.

COVID will continue to present new obstacles for SAVIS, as well as the community of survivors we support. We are proud of the resiliency we have witnessed, and humbled that we continue support so many individuals during these unprecedented times.


I became involved with SAVIS over 2 years ago when my counsellor at another agency referred me due to leaving a sexually abusive forced marriage. The support, tools and resources your organization provides is unbelievable. In December I received counselling where I was educating and healing myself. I learned a lot from the support that was provided. SAVIS stepped in again and advocated for me when my son was wrongfully apprehended. They helped me achieve shelter and advocated for me during the court where if it wasn’t for their support I would not get my son back. They also advocated for me when I was able to get out of the shelter and in our first home. They bought us beds and other things that I could not afford. I have never felt alone with their support. I was transferred to another agency. I never received any support where your organization offered to come back into my life. They continue to help me become an independent member of society and I never feel alone. Your organization not only believes in survivors but helps support and goes to great lengths to advocate for them.


From my point of view, this program has saved my life and I am totally sure many others. I don’t think that anybody can get out of such a difficult circumstance without their support and expertise. They are different than other government workers who are usually very judgmental with no empathy. Here they know what they are doing with their strong organization, emotional support skills, and ethics. I have been so impressed with the dedication, commitment and passion of those involved with the organization.They are truly inspiring! They are giving us the opportunity to develop our strongest selves, helping us also to step into the world knowing that we have the power to shape our lives and consequently our community. I believe they help to create opportunities for those who are helpless for their future that they may not otherwise have the chance to realize. We all benefit enormously by having the support they give us which empowers us to play an active and good role in society. I am thrilled with the positive changes their support have to produce in me. I love their mission and the people that are part of it. They encourage us with the amazing support to carve our own path and the skills to improve our world and the people around us. The support received goes beyond the housing/food help, it is the real emotional support 24/7 needed in these cases, providing the confidence that otherwise could not be reached by ourselves alone. They basically bring you back the dignity and the dreams that were lost.


Working with you has helped me feel supported in ways that my other service providers could not support me. I feel not only that my emotional needs are being met when I talk to you, and my personal safety needs are being taken care of, but I also feel that I have a friend I can open up to about things I don’t feel comfortable talking about with my family or other service providers. I feel very comfortable and supported by you.


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